Working Foreman

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1 May 2020

Allied Track Services


Working Foreman

Job Profile - Working Foreman

A working foreman works in the field directing workers, performing job tasks and ensuring smooth operations alongside the crew while carefully following all safe work practices and reporting to the project supervisor ain Duties
Organize and schedule work with project manager, production Supervisor and crew

Main Duties

  • Report all HR/H&S and production data to project manager
  • Coordinate all crew activities associated with fulfilling contract obligations
  •  Keep reports up to date- production, maintenance, H&S, etc.
  • Maintain communication between production supervisor and crew
  • Communicate needs of crew to production supervisor
  • Report daily to production supervisor on progress of work
  • Job site inspections with H&S representative and report to H&S Coordinator
  •  Comply with OHSA regulations and participate in JHSC meetings

Reports to

  • Production Supervisor, Project Manager


  • Licensed driver with clean abstract
  •  Professional attitude with excellent communication skills
  •  Understanding of railway work and ability to organize both work and crews.
  •  Minimum 5 years’ experience running large production gangs


  • In accordance with Collective agreement with LIUNA 
  • Employee appraisal based on achieving corporate goals and objectives


  • We currently have major projects in Ontario and Manitoba

To apply please email your cover letter and resume to  (see below)