CARS Continuing Education/Career in Rail Scholarship

 CARS Continuing Education/Career in Rail Scholarship

Amount: Up to $2500 distributed at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee

Objective: To establish an internally managed Scholarship Fund in the name of the Canadian Association of Railway Suppliers to be known as the CARS Scholarship Fund. 

Purpose of Fund: To provide monetary assistance to one or more current members and immediate family (spouse, child, grandchild) to continue education in the rail industry or one or more students in a given school year to promote the rail industry by providing assistance to students focused on pursuing a railroad career. 

Such student(s) will be engaged in an educational pursuit involving the direct application of their chosen discipline to the railway industry. 

Eligibility:  The scholarship is open to students undertaking a University Degree or College Diploma in a discipline that will ultimately benefit the rail industry. The applicant must be:

- A member of the Canadian Association of Railway Suppliers in good standing for two or more consecutive years; or

- A family member (spouse, child, grandchild) of a member of the Canadian Association of Railway Suppliers in good standing for two or more consecutive years 

Exclusions: The Scholarship Fund is NOT open to the following individuals and their family members: 

  • Members of the CARS Executive from the current and previous year
  • CARS Past Presidents for a period of two years following their presidency
  • Members of the CARS Board of Directors
  • Members of the CARS Scholarship Committee 

Criteria: The Scholarship Committee shall review and grade all applications for the scholarship awards. Grading will be accomplished under the following guidelines with committee discretion: 

  • All scholarships shall be awarded for one (1) scholastic year
  • All Applicants must be registered and in good standing in a recognized educational institute
  • Students must meet the prescribed eligibility requirements
  • Students must supply three educational references whose contact particulars are to be provided; these references should be accessible and may expect to be contacted 

Process: The Scholarship Committee shall apply the following process and schedule, unless conditions exist that require a change, to ensure the Objective and Purpose of the Scholarship Fund are attained. 

  • The Canadian Association of Railway Suppliers website will provide all pertinent information regarding the Scholarship Fund.
  • The Scholarship Committee will meet within one month, following the Annual General Meeting.
  • The Scholarship Committee will ensure the Canadian Association of Railway Supplier's website is displaying the current information. The number and value of the scholarship awards will be announced on an annual basis to ensure that all applicants are aware and that transparency and award fairness prevail. 
  • Applicants will use the prescribed forms, as found on the Canadian Association of Railway Supplier's website. 
  • Applicants will submit their applications prior to April 30th of any given year. 
  • All applicants must ensure completeness. The Scholarship Committee will not seek missing documentation. 
  • The Scholarship Committee may seek clarification of any application as it sees fit. 


Please note that the scholarship fund is awarded at the sole discretion of CARS and available funding.



The deadline for application is: Friday, April 29th, 2022


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