Encompass Engineering

Encompass Engineering


228 Tower Hill Road
Richmond Hill, Ontario
L4E 0K6
Web: http://www.encompass-engineering.com
Phone: +1 (302) 551 3705

Encompass Engineering was established in 2007 to deliver exceptional client service with an unrelenting focus on value creation, innovation, operational excellence and quality. Specializing in rail engineering, we offer cost-effective solutions to address all engineering and operational challenges our customers face. Supporting freight operators, train operators, rolling stock-owning companies and supply chain companies in tackling diverse challenges and fulfilling project requirements, our expertize spans:

  •  New rolling stock design, test and build
  • Rolling stock introduction and lifecycle management
  • Requirements management, compliance, validation and verification
  • Cascade, pathing and planning management
  • Maintenance audits and optimization
  • Depot continuous improvement and enhancement projects
  • Quality assurance and inspection services
  • Test witness, assurance and verification
  • Environmental and sustainability services

Our team has the skills and experience required for all types of projects, which our clients may not have the resources or time to undertake themselves - opting for our services instead of maintaining a full-time team, which is often the most cost-effective approach.

With our customer-first approach, we seamlessly integrate into your existing team, working right alongside you, where you can draw on our knowledge and experience as we effectively become an extension of your team. Upon project completion, we gradually transition out, ensuring we upskill your team so you continue meeting your objectives. 

With our transparent pricing and dedication to quality, we prioritize representing our customers' views and needs while adhering to ethical practices and the highest standards. This positions us as the ideal partner for your company - whether you're navigating complex projects requiring specialist expertize or simply need additional skilled resources to complete a task - we can help.

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