FLO Components Ltd.

FLO Components Ltd.


50 Admiral Blvd
Mississauga, Ontario
L5T 2W1
Fax: 905-671-2358

FLO Components Ltd. is an automatic greasing systems specialist and the leading supplier of Total Lube Solutions to major manufacturers and heavy equipment users in Ontario and Manitoba.  FLO has been designing, assembling and installing high-quality auto lube systems and providing Solutions for all types of manual greasing, automatic lubrication and fluid handling applications since 1977.  

To the rail industry, we provide stationary or wayside lubrication systems for top-of-rail and flange lubrication.  Designed for urban transit and freight applications, with Remote Monitoring Capability, these systems lower noise emission and considerably reduce wear on rails, switches and wheels, reducing maintenance costs and increasing the lifespan of the rail network.  FLO’s high-pressure systems enable the usage of NLGI 2 class grease, which offers exceptional adhesion to the rail and wheel as well as better lubrication properties.  FLO also supplies environmentally friendly grease specially formulated to reduce the noise and wear associated with wheel flange to curved rail sections on light rail systems.

Every organization is defined by its corporate philosophy.  We at FLO Components Ltd. are a team of professionals using our collective expertise in automatic lubrication systems applications to provide cost-effective solutions to improve operating efficiencies and profitability for our customers.  We provide turnkey Solutions to take away our customers' pain.

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