Miner Enterprises Inc.

Miner Enterprises Inc.


42 Douglasview Circle SE
Calgary, Alberta
T2Z 2P4

Miner Enterprises is a leading designer, manufacturer, and supplier of railcar components to all Class I and Class II railroads worldwide, freight car builders, private-car companies, leasing companies and contract freight car repair shops.

Since 1894, Miner has focused on improving the performance and value of its products and the freight cars that use them through frequent testing, in-depth service analysis and industry-related experience.

When it comes to keeping your railcars rolling, trust the name that sets the standard for long-lasting reliability: Miner. With top-quality manufacturing that’s strengthened through industry-leading engineering and support, Miner is working to improve your performance and profitability.

We don’t do it all – we simply do it best.

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