Telematics for Railcars: Bridging Gaps, Enhancing Efficiency

Telematics for Railcars: Bridging Gaps, Enhancing Efficiency

Revolutionize your approach to railcar management! Join us for an exclusive webinar where we unravel the transformative power of telematics for railcars.

In the dynamic landscape of railcar management, telematics stands out as a game-changer. Delve into the world of railcar telematics with our experts in the upcoming webinar, "Telematics for Railcars: Bridging Gaps, Enhancing Efficiency." This webinar is tailored for railcar shippers, lessors, OEMs, fleet managers, logistics professionals, and anyone eager to harness the transformative power of railcar telematics for operational excellence.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn about telematics and its capabilities beyond GPS location.
  • Explore how we can leverage telematics to bridge the information and technology gap for railcars.
  • Gain insights into how telematics can effectively address the day-to-day challenges faced by railcar shippers.
  • Discover how using telematics can improve railcar utilization, supply chain coordination, cargo security, and much more.
  • Meet PIVOT, our most advanced railcar remote monitoring solution, and see how it can help you to optimize efficiency, reduce costs, and embrace innovation in railcar management.

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Please note that this event is presented by ZTR, not by the Canadian Association of Railway Suppliers (CARS).
However, we are proud to support the work of our esteemed members, such as ZTR, in the railway industry.
CARS remains committed to fostering collaboration and promoting excellence within the railway community.