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United States


Chicago is home to the US' third largest transit system. The CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) combined with Pace(suburban bus) and Metra((commuter rail) rank third in ridership buy and support Canadian products through Buy America.

CTA's capital budget for 2006-2010 expects to spend over 10 million on replacement buses, and 435 mil for rail rolling stock. With these considerable budgets, it is prudent for post to work with suppliers to keep abreast of future and current opportunities. Other transit centres, such as Milwaukee, Kansas City and St. Louis, while smaller, will also be competing for infrastructure monies for their projects.


CUTA (Canadian Urban Transit Assoc Conference and Expo)

Montreal, PQNovember 7-11,2009

APTA(American Passenger Transportation Assoc) Rail Conference with Bombardier
June 14-18,2009 in Chicago

Key rail show held in Chicago for which CTA and Bombardier are organizers and sponsors. Excellent opportunity to showcase new Bombardier rail cars.

Illinois Public Transit Association Annual Conference
September 14-16, 2009 in Kankakee, IL
Attend conference with purpose of meeting transit property managers and highlighting Canada's core competencies in important transit sector.

  • 251 miles of rail projects.
  • Need for new trolley car / street cars -  Interest in new technologies.
  • Opportunities in ITS.


  • Wants to be “Electric Vehicle capital of US”
  • Eco-buses.