Canadian Association of Railway Suppliers


Mission Statement         The voice of freight and transit rail suppliers for Canadian and worldwide markets, linking industry, government and communities locally and globally.

Vision Statement            To be a globally recognized association promoting dialogue, innovation and solutions for the freight and transit railway industry.

Canadian Association of Railway Suppliers
150 Isabella Street, Suite 1204
Ottawa, Ontario
K1S 1V7


Phone: 613.237.3888

CARS represents over 145 companies across North America and internationally who are important to the operations of the railways and transit authorities. 

The Canadian Association of Railway Suppliers (CARS) is a non-profit association representing companies selling products and services to railways and transits domestically and internationally.

CARS has been around for many years but incorporated in its current form in 1991.


Twice a year, CARS hosts a Supplier Suite.

These are spaces where visitors can network with fellow suppliers as well as provide a place to meet with customers close to the annual dinners that take place following the suite. 

CARS hosts a Supplier Suite at the Hotel Bonaventure in Montreal, QC to complement the Canadian Railway Club Annual Dinner. 

CARS hosts a Supplier Suite at the Fairmont Royal York in Toronto, ON, to compliment the Toronto Railway Club Dinner. 

Sponsorship is available to members! 
Sponsorship includes 25 Drink Tickets, a Logo on Signage, plus the option to put up a banner in the suite.

Each year the list of CARS Events varies.
For current listings of CARS Events, please visit the Events page here: 

  • CARS Supplier Suites - February & December
  • CN  Breakfast - February 
  • AGM - June
  • CP Luncheon - June
  • CARS Annual Golf Tournament - August 
  • National Railway Day - November

November 7th in Canada marks the day in history that the last spike was driven into the Canadian Pacific Railways (CPR) at Craigellachie, British Columbia in 1885. From that moment, Canada has been united and rail has become one of the most important and valuable modes of transportation while delivering people and goods safely and efficiently.

To commemorate this special day in history and to celebrate our industry, CARS has hosted a National Railway Day Conference every year, beginning in  2014.

As CARS is constantly growing, so are the events!
As of 2019, National Railway Day now includes a Trade Show component where industries can profile their goods and services.

For the latest upcoming National Railway Day event, please see our event page:  

2017: Ottawa
2018: Montreal
2019: Edmonton
2020: Virtual
2021: Montreal
2022: Calgary
2023: Ottawa
2024: Coming Soon! 



You can apply for membership online in just 3 easy steps!

  1. Select your Membership Tier (determined by your organization's annual revenue for Canadian, rail-related sales only)
  2. Select your Payment Method
  3. Fill out the Membership Application Form

Check out our "Become a Member" page for all the details:  

Annual membership fees are determined by the total annual internal and external expenditures.

CARS has NEVER changed its price over the 30+ years of incorporation. 

All employees of a CARS member are entitled to access all CARS product and service offerings, participate in events, contribute to the association's work, attend seminars and workshops and gain access to information.

Once your company’s membership is approved, a CARS team member will request a list of employees who require a profile. CARS will create profiles for each individual, giving them access to members-only content available throughout this site and the ability to register for events and education offerings.

CARS welcomes companies from around the world.!

75% of CARS members are Canadian companies, but 25% are based abroad!
Joining CARS helps companies from anywhere in the world to get their foot in the door of or grow their reputation within the Canadian market.


At this time, the CARS website does not support American Express. 

If you continue to have issues with any other credit card providers, please contact the CARS Office Manager who will assist you over the phone or email. 

You can log into your user profile on the website.
Once on your Members Profile, you will find a list of all your invoices. 

You can just select the invoice that you'd like to pay. Once on the invoice page, you will find a blue "Pay Now" button. You can follow the instructions to make payment from there. 


Call the CARS Office Manager, and they will help you make a payment over the phone. 

Credit Card: Your card will be charged instantly.

Cheque: Cheques are deposited to the bank on Fridays.