Canadian Association of Railway Suppliers


CARS has been around for many years but incorporated in its current form in 1991.

You can apply for membership online, by phone, or by email today in just 3 easy steps!

  1. Select your Membership Tier (determined by your organization's annual revenue for Canadian, rail-related sales only)
  2. Select your Payment Method
  3. Fill out the Membership Application Form

Check out our "Become a Member" page for all the details:  

The Canadian Association of Railway Suppliers (CARS) is a non-profit association representing companies selling products and services to railways and transits domestically and internationally.


CARS represents over 155 companies across North America who are important to the operations of the railways and transit authorities. 

75% of CARS members are Canadian companies but 25% are International ! Joining CARS helps companies from anywhere in the world to get their foot in the door of the Canadian market.